Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Experiments in Film

Going back to basics with my SLR 35mm Pentax cameras. Here's some black and white film from last month. Yes, film.

Trying out a 'new' short telephoto. SMC Pentax 135mm F 3.5

Playing with the contrast adjustment in my photo editing program.
So much easier than in the darkroom.

Black to White

Could have used a yellow filter here?

Extreme contrast adjusting results in highlights off the roof.
Need to do some research on this...

I'm having fun revisiting the basics with my K1000. The ultimate manual camera. Going back to the beginning is quite enjoyable at this point in my life. I seem to be actually getting it. Things seem to click (literally, those mirror flips are loud!). It has also resulted in this wonderful side effect:  I have to slow down, pay attention and be in the moment. A bit zen don't you think?