Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Legwarmers Pattern

Finally finished the legwarmers and had to bribe my preschooler to wear them for a photo shoot! She's not crazy about the "stripy pink ones". Here I am thinking that they'd be perfect for her. Oh well! The baby doesn't seem to mind though. Nice for keeping chubby thighs warm and knees protected while crawling around.

I'm posting the pattern in the blog body as I'm working on getting PDF files up & running (hopefully soon!).

Yarn: I used Phidar Dolcinia DK in white and Araucania Atacama alpaca in pink, but choose any DK yarn you like.

6 sts = 1" & 10 rows = 1"

size 6 dp

Size: 2-4 girl

In MC (pink) CO 40 sts and join in round. Place marker. Divide sts as you like across needles. Work in k2p2 rib for 5 rows. Change to St st for 2 rows. On 3rd row, k2 m1 to end, k1.

*Change to CC (white) and k3 rows. Change to MC and k3 rows.* Repeat alternating colors every 3 rows for ~ 9 inches ending with a CC row.

Change to MC and k 2 rows. On 3rd row, k2, k2tog across row, k1. Work in k2p2 rib for 10 rows. BO in rib pattern.

Make a second one just like it & give to a little dancer to enjoy!


Saskia said...

hey hey, great pattern! very cute baby legs! I'm thinking of making my wee one some too, what do you think, leggwarmers on a boy... will he be laughed at?

Anonymous said...

KyLee has the same tap shoes! I was supposed to get the boring tan ones, but I didn't care.
thanks for posting the pattern for the warmers. Maybe I will try to knit some for Ky... after I knit the sweater I started last year, the arm warmers I started a month ago, the fingerless mitts for KY, etc...
Maybe since I'm not so hot at finishing things I should stay away from the ones that come in pairs?? Will I ever learn... hmm.
Sivan is crawling? Go Sivan!

Karen said...

Thanks for feedback ladies! Go for it, Sas...baby boys can get away with cute clothing choices no problem. I have the same issue with knitting 2 of the same thing Tam...not my favorite.

jflowers said...

You can knit them both at the same time! You just need to circulars and two balls of yarn. Cast on 20 st on one cir. with one of the balls and 20sts with the other ball. Then on the next cir. cast on 20sts with the same ball of yarn and 20sts with the first ball of yarn. You sould have two different legs COs. Work pattern as normal just make sure you use the right ball of yarn for each leg. If you need pics Just e-mail me and I can show you how I did it. tater_flowers@yaho.com These are beautiful!!

Karen said...

Wow! I had no idea about that technique. Very cool:)

Jenn said...

I'm a ballet teacher, and I will totally wear these when teaching! So cute!

DaNNieLLe said...

Do you do anything differently to make them for the baby? I wanted to make some for my 18 mos. old...And have them be "thigh-high" type things...That's awesome for potty training. Any tips?

Karen said...

Hi Dannielle,
I used the same pattern for the babe (no modifications). Good idea for potty training!

Allison Schoonover said...

I just finished knitting a pair and I love them! Do you give permission to sell the finished product? I'd love to add some of these to my Etsy store. Let me know!