Monday, February 22, 2010

Dream Dream Dream

Sleep is a highly desired commodity at our house. Still. My youngest is 29 months old, takes wonderful naps and goes down for bedtime with relative ease. However, sometime in the wee hours of the night she pitter patters into our room and demands to come to sleep with us. My oldest is almost 5 and has grown out of naps (ugh) and eagerly goes down for bedtime, yet she also sneaks into our bed around the same time as her sister. So, daybreak finds our family of four crowded into a queen size bed. Sometimes even the cat is curled up near my feet so I can't even move, wedged between everyone. I dream of a king size bed, or better yet, that everyone can sleep the entire night peacefully tucked into their own beds. Last week I had the idea that I would make dream pillows for the girls to chase away bad dreams and keep them in their beds. They loved the idea. Even helped with designing the facial features and picking colors. I stuffed them with sleepy time herbs such as hops and chamomile and shaped them into full moons. They named them and eagerly go to sleep with them each night. Yet, they do not work as intended and this morning all four of us awoke on our ever shrinking queen size bed. Yawn.....

Monday, January 11, 2010

Waves for Warmer Weather

Here's the finished product that I initially posted about here. I've called this the Waves Cardigan & Skirt set and it is now available through Brown Sheep Yarn.

It's funny to me to be posting summer outfits in the middle of January and perhaps I should hold off and show these closer to Spring...but it's exciting when I can finally post about a finished design & I have a hard time waiting! This set was at the TNNA winter show this past weekend & the pattern leaflet should be available soon from Brown Sheep.

Here's my 2 year old modeling the size 2 that I knit.

And here's my 4 year old modeling the same outfit...

I love clothing that can span an age range. Really, if you are going to take the time to make something by hand out of a quality yarn it should get as much wear as possible! The set was a big hit with both of my girls & really comfy to wear. It's knit in Serendipity Tweed which has fantastic stitch definition and a wonderful spectrum of colors to choose from.

Bev from Shipyard Point Glassworks graciously supplied the buttons. My original design had planned for a 5-button closure, but as the design evolved, I ended up with a simple 1-button cardigan. What to do with the other buttons??? That project is on my needles now & will be something that I can wear. Finally.