Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Corner of My Own

The baby's crib is finally out of our bedroom so I've set up a bit of working space in the corner. It just enough room for me and will have to do until I can have my own studio.

The Venezia and the Big Cash are just amazing. With the Encore they are actually for 3 different projects that I'm hoping to get started soon. I still have 2 UFOs in my basket that I'm trying complete this week. If I could only stay FOCUSED!

I've sent in my application for the graphic design program at UCSD Extension. Hopefully I will hear next week regarding an interview so I can start the admissions process. I feel really lucky that I found this program and that it will allow me to stay home with the girls for 1 more year and take classes at night. I'm just not ready to send them off to have someone else take care of them all day. I want to stay home with them as long as possible. They will be off to school soon enough!


Anonymous said...

GO Karen!
You should be so proud of yourself for working it through. I hope you get into the program. Is that work bench from Ikia??
You wish you could stay focused... Isn't that what coffee is for?

Saskia said...

wow, that looks like a great mini studio. I've been working on the diner table and are now planning on buying a lager table for lack of a studio