Monday, December 15, 2008


I am back in my warm home typing on my Mac after being without power for 4 nights. We had an ice storm on Thursday night and lost power along with a record setting 500,000+ other homes from Maine to New York. Luckily we could go straight to my father's house and were able to keep nice & toasty as well as have hot coffee & food with one of these....
He still doesn't have power but my Mom got her electricity back on Saturday morning so the girls & I have been living comfortably since then. My husband is an electrician so he's been working pretty much non-stop since Friday morning helping customers but also keeping our pipes from freezing by bringing in a generator for a few hours each night.

I've decided that if we're going to be living in NH, we need to heat our home with wood & not be completely dependent upon electricity (or oil...but that's another discussion). I can go without the luxury of lights, television and internet (although that was a tough one), but HEAT is simply a necessity in the winter!

The amount of destruction caused by just a 1 inch coating of ice was unbelievable. Trees were snapped in half, power lines downed and homes and parked cars damaged by falling branches. There was a lot of beauty in the ice as well. Here are some of the images I saw on Friday morning.

Feels wonderful to be back home and connected to the world. Hope others that have been displaced by the storm find their way home again soon.


Cindy said...

I'm sorry about the ice and power. We endured 2 full days without power 2 years ago.Our house got down to 45F. I completely understand and am glad you are at least warm right now.

Melinda said...

What kind of stove is your red stove? I just love it and how lucky you were to have it during this ice storm.
Melinda in Texas

Karen said...

Hello & thank you for the well wishes. Melinda, the stove is a Lange model 6303 imported from Denmark in the 70s. And yes we were so lucky to have heat!

Saskia said...

wow, here in the Netherlands everyone is praying for ice so we can skate on nature ice... better not hope too hard... Good luck with everything, hope everything will be toasty soon!