Thursday, August 27, 2009

6 Months Ago and a New Family Member

Back in February I went to the NETA Spa, Knit and Spin conference in Freeport, Maine and met a vendor there with beautiful glass buttons and beads. Beverly, from Shipyard Point Glassworks, and I got together last month so I could show off some of her artwork in my designs. Such a wonderful way to add something extra special to a hand knit garment. After all, you simply cannot add mass produced buttons to a sweater knit by hand! Here are a couple of examples of her work that will be seen in my work over the next few months.

Also, back in February the girls were dreaming of adding a new member to our family as pictured in my oldest's artwork.

Well, last week we adopted her, or maybe she adopted us. Either way, she's a great addition to the family. Welcome Pino!

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Julie said...

Cute kitty! I love that button I want it to put on my bags :)