Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Market Dates

Well, Hello! It's been a while, but here I am with a bit of news to share. I'll be attending the first annual Portsmouth Open Market this Sunday, June 10 selling my Uma Joy Botanical Soaps.

I've been busy reformulating & redesigning and have finalized a version that I'm quite happy with. The round bar is much more ergonomically & symbolically pleasing and I've upgraded to organic palm and coconut oils.

I'd love to see you at my booth if you are in the Portsmouth, NH vicinity this Sunday...or any of the following dates:

June 10
August 14
September 25
October 23


Alicia said...

It was great to meet you at the fair yesterday! What a gorgeous day. I didn't know you knit, too! Very cool. Wanted to let you know I'm doing a little giveaway on the research site. Would love for you to check it out!

Karen said...

Great to meet you as well! I just filled out the survey...can I forward it to other bloggers?