Friday, January 2, 2009

Welcome 2009

Starting the year off on the right foot with lots of positive happenings. My husband passed a very important licensing exam which will help him get ahead with his work and help our family maintain the goal of me staying home with the girls full time. I've taken on teaching chemistry in the evenings starting in February which will help us a bit financially. And...through that same school, I'll be teaching a knitting workshop on how to knit one of my own designs! Exciting, but at the same time, I'm going to be SO busy. I have designed the knit, but still have to actually make 2 versions and write up the pattern all before the end of the month. I think I have picked the yarn from Spinning Yarns. The red is Cascade 128 and the grey is Cascasde Eco Wool. I still want to visit Yarn for Ewe to check out their selection because they are actually a bit closer for the students to visit and I'm still in search of the perfect bulky weight wool, wool/cotton or wool and some natural fiber mix that is still lightweight and economical. Cascade 128 is pretty great, not sure why I must keep searching and making things more complicated...Also, I've discovered that I'm definitely becoming more of a wool fan than I thought I would be. Margot & Rick have some beautiful Harrisville yarns and I love the idea of supporting NH businesses. More on this as it progresses.
Here are some images from around our place the last couple of days. My oldest took a guess as to which day our amaryllis would bloom and she was right! December 29th....And some frosty ferns from the window this morning...

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