Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer 2009

Welcome to the new look of Uma Joy Designs! Something else for you as well....a look at my Summer 2009 line of botanical soaps. After years in the making and sharing with my family and friends I am finally selling my soaps. So exciting!

You will still be able to find my knit designs here as well. I'm just expanding into another creative direction. I have dreamed of working at my passion for too long. Now in my 40th year and with the girls getting a bit older and my mind and body getting more sleep (finally!) it was now or never. I just could not choose between my love of knitting and my desire to experiment and create natural soaps which are good for your body and the environment. So I'm doing both! 'Made by Hand for a Small Footprint' applies to both my knitwear patterns for children and my eco-friendly soaps.

No artificially colors, fragrances or preservatives for your body or to get washed down the drain into our water supply. Made with plant oils and scented with pure essential oils it's gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. We have used nothing but my soap on our girls since they were born! These botanical treats are wrapped in handmade papers and labels printed on 100% recycled paper.

And if you live in the Northern New England area they are currently available here and here to support local businesses. I will also be at the Front Street Market in Rollinsford, NH on Sunday July 12th from 9am-3pm. I'll be showing my kids knitwear designs as well, with patterns available for purchase. Come by and say hello! I'll be updating my Etsy shop soon so if you aren't in the area, I can send you some botanical goodness in the mail, staying green using my daughters' artwork for packing material...the perfect solution for what to do with all of that beautiful creativity once it's time on the refrigerator door has passed:)


Shannon said...

Karen ~ LOVE the new look of the soaps! I can't wait to buy some. This is all very exciting and I'm glad you're going to do both soaps and knitting! Follow your heart! You're very creative and talented! Good for you. =))

Beth said...

Thank you sooo much for helping Ayla and I have super soft hands through- out winter and beyond! I have been using it as shampoo and it has helped my scalp as well.


Karen said...

Thank you both:)