Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Preparing for Winter

Fall is winding down and I'm finding myself in a rush to get ready for cold weather and snow. I've double checked the snow gear for the girls, bought snowsuits and boots and have finally have finished these classic socks that have been sitting around for A YEAR (yes, pathetic ... especially since it took only 2 days to finish them once I focused my energy.) I knit them for my oldest, but she doesn't want to wear them, so the little one did some modeling for me this time. Just some basic boot socks made of 100% wool which should be nice and warm. I'm not a huge fan of sock knitting, dpns and the whole making a second one, but these were quick and fun.

We've had a few warm, wonderful days to enjoy and an overflow of visitors. They were flying all around basking in the sunshine and making their way into our house, which the girls thought was fun.

We built terrariums and captured a few to keep inside before letting them go. A very fun project that will keep our house green as winter approaches.

This bright oak was full of leaves last week, but has dropped most of them already. Now that we've changed the clocks and darkness comes so early, I'm finding myself excited to cozy up on the couch and work on wool mittens, hats, socks, scarves and sweaters. The thought of keeping loved ones warm with my handknits is keeping me more focused than usual. Hopefully a few of my own designs will get completed in this frenzy. I love knitting season!

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