Friday, December 5, 2014

Handcrafted Memories

I recently came upon a post where the author had found some cherished ornaments she made with her family from 40 years ago. She described the memories that flooded back to her from that day when she was 5. At the end of the post I found myself in tears. It was suddenly so clear...time with each other is really all we have. Now I find myself here (after being absent far too long) trying to put into words the importance I find behind the handmade. As most of us know, there is joy to be found in crafting by hand. Gathering materials, composing and treasuring each object is more than fulfilling. However, I am realizing over these early, fleeting years with my children that it is foremost the memories of the experience that can have a profound affect on our lives.  As I make plans for this busy weekend, the top of the list will be hand making decorations with the girls. The end results do not have to be perfect or symbolic or even blog-worthy. My hope is that one day they may find their ornaments and be flooded with the warmth of our time together. Which memories will you be making this holiday season?

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