Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Beach Day and a Coincidence?

I took the girls to the beach today. It was perfect timing. Low tide, a break in the clouds and nap time for my baby girl. Noa & I picked stones from the sand and admired the beautiful range of colors. Some inspiration for another knitting project maybe?

And yes, the sand did feel good between my toes! Such a treat to get out of the house after having a week of coughs & colds.

I found out about Project Spectrum 3 today. Just in time for the completion of Soli as well as the current project that is on my needles using the yarn I bought 2 weeks ago and the legwarmers that I still haven't finished. Coincidence? Some people say there is no such thing...


Saskia said...

I can't believe how pretty those pebbles are. You can just pick those up along the beach! I'm so jealous! They absolutely call for an inspired knitting pattern

villapeikko said...

These stones are so beautiful! Nature is a great source for inspiration :)