Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Garden & Yarn Day

Wednesdays are turning into Yarn Purchase Day as well as Garden Day. My LYS is conveniently on the way home from the garden (if I take the scenic route) and I can convince my daughter to go because she wants to see Cocoa, the cat, as well as get a piece of chocolate that Nancy & Caryl keep next to the checkout area. Here's my latest purchase:

I love the colors and want to design something cool for my daugher (more on that later...). By the way, I have finished one legwarmer. Yes just one. Noa doesn't like it. Hmmmmmmm. She definitely has an opinionated mind of her own (just like her mother). Do I finish the other one & hope that she'll wear them? I definitely should finish it now otherwise it will never get done.

Back to designing. I am currently working on 3 of my own designs that I will (hopefully) submit to Knitty. It's very exciting, but nervewracking at the same time. What if I can't translate what's in my head into a finished object? What if the editors don't like my designs? What if I write up the pattern wrong & there's a ton of errors? OK, enough of that. I really don't want to psyche myself out of at least submitting my designs. If anyone has any tips or suggestions I welcome them here!

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