Friday, February 15, 2008


I finished my first real design (where I've actually kept track of the pattern for publishing later). The whole process was so exciting that I think I'm addicted. Here is Soli, named for My Sunshine as in You Are My Sunshine, a song my daughter really loves.

I had orignially planned some embroidery details, but decided to keep it clean and simple. I'm really happy with the results (after a short love/hate period). The yarn is a cotton/rayon Berocco Touche, which has a really nice drape and should be great for warm weather.

I had quite a time figuring out the simple decreases. I couldn't work out how to space them evenly to reach my finaly measurements. Finally I got it though! Here's a bit of the craziness of my thought process.

It can be worn as a tunic or a dress in the summer. The style allows for some growing room which is imperative if you have a toddler! I'm currently working on a pattern to be available on Ravelry soon.

And just a note about what a wonderful, supportive husband I have. Guess what he got me for Valentine's Day? Yes, a copy of Vogue's Ultimate Knitting Book, which I have been wanting for quite a while. Is that romantic or what?!


Saskia said...

Yay, fantastic! Good job! Loving the pattern. it's a very recognizable process. I have pictures like that lying next to my laptop at this moment. I'm a knit and frog and knit again designer. First I dedicate some time to the conceptual phase ( nursing is perfect for that) and then I just start and see what happens. I'm sure there are designers that can write up a pattern without knitting it, but I'm no where near that.
ps your sweatheart looks super in Soli

Karen said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Sas! Now I have to try to write it up and post as a PDF...that's another whole project on its own.