Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

OK, so it's a little late, but still January so I think I'm off to a great start trying to stick to a New Year's resolution of getting more involved in a knitting community. I've been following Knitty for months now and have really been inspired by the designers and caught up in their blogs. Since we moved to San Diego in May I have been searching for a knitting group to replace my weekly "new moms" group back in NH. It's not easy finding knitters in San Diego! Hmmm...I wonder if the fact that I've been walking around in flip flops in January has something to do with it. In NH it's easy to stay cuddled up knitting all winter. So here I am trying to get this blog up and running to motivate me to finish & show off my projects. Oh, and since this is my first post, I should explain that the name, Uma Joy, comes from my 2 daughters middle names. They are 4 months & 2.5 years old and my inspiration! And here they are with my husband, Yaniv:

On to current project is a sweater for a baby shower this Saturday (photos coming soon). I just have to finish the seaming and then it's done. I knit a matching hat already, pattern courtesy of The Shetland Trader (thank you, Gudrun!). I'm planning on whipping up some booties as well for a nice matching set. I think it is always a gamble knitting a present for someone. I'm never sure if they really will like it or not. I am hopeful for this gift though!


Saskia said...

may I be really bold and say that people that don't like knitted gifts are, ehm, what to call them... ehm... IDIOTS! The hat looks great!

Karen said...

Thanks for the encouragement...I'll let you know the verdict after the baby shower on Saturday!