Friday, January 25, 2008

I Should Be Knitting

The original intention of this blog was to post info about my knitting life, but since I haven't been getting any knitting done thanks to my recent Ravelry invitation (woohoo!) and all of my fiddling around with Flickr & making mosaics, this is what you get instead!

The girls & I had a nice morning at the park. Such a beautiful sky after all the rain we got this week.'s a knitting tidbit. My youngest is wearing a back zip hoodie that my grandmother made long before she was born. My grandmother was a speedy knitter & I have memories of her needles clicking away while she was watching TV, not even looking at her hands. My other grandmother was also a great knitter & used to make sweaters at home for a company who sold them for much more than they paid her to make them. My mother is also a knitter who taught me to knit about 5 years ago. Here's the question: Is there such thing as a knitting gene?


Anonymous said...

I don't know what ravalry is but I put myself on the wait list b/c you are so excited about it!
I am on my fourth wash cloth and think I am almost ready to start this sweater for myself. Pretty big project for me.
You inspired me Karen - so now I finally started posting on myspace... even managed to get one whole picture up.
Also - very exciting - I think I found someone who will meet me for a knitting night! Oh please let it be true...

Shannon said...

I don't know what ravalry is either...must be something to do with knitting...since I'm not a knitter, I won't put myself on the waiting list. Anyway, Karen you asked if there was such a thing as a knitting gene. I don't think so. What I do think is that you were exposed to it a lot and the people that were doing it obviously enjoyed it. That's what came through to you and made you want to do it. I find myself doing things that my mom did that she always enjoyed. I don't think I necessarily got the decorating gene or anything like that. I guess it's kind of the nature/nurture question. You're very creative...I think creativity overall is genetic. What you do with that creativity is more of what you were exposed to and your own taste.
This probably doesn't make much does in my head, but it's late here and I'm tired. Sorry if I rambled too much. I thought it was a good question!!

Karen said...

Shannon, I love that you answered my question! I think it totally makes sense. Please feel free to ramble on any time you wish:)